This geek’s ULTIMATE goals

Let’s talk ultimate goals, m’kay? I’m a big believer in the power of segmenting overwhelming, extended tasks into smaller chunks. This approach has gotten me a fair way and is probably my greatest professional strength.

Sometimes, though, carefully breaking down challenges into little steps is, well, flat-out boring.

Sometimes it’s good to think big. Right?

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RuPaul’s Brick Race: A RuPaul LEGO Ideas project

My list of ultimate goals has a number of entries that will be harder to accomplish than others. Travelling, for example, is achievable enough and before the year is out, I hope to visit Europe for the first time and take in Disneyland Paris. Boom! That’ll be two more ticks on my bucket list.

On the trickier end of the scale, I’ve always wanted to design a LEGO set. Without a time machine, several different qualifications and relocating to Denmark, that’s probably not going to happen. Unless, that is, I create a winning LEGO Ideas project.

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Health tracking tools: 5 geeky wellness apps and gizmos

One of my previous goal projects was to exercise more, though, more broadly, I was interested in improving my overall health and wellness through more frequent, targeted exercise and cleaner eating.

Looking through the drafts folder, I found this post on nerdy tracking tools and thought it was worth sharing. This post looks at 5 of the gadgets and health tracking tools I use to follow my progress.

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Inspiration: Two Super Geek Bloggers

I have promised for some time to write a post about some super geek bloggers: The inspiring geeks-with-goals I’ve discovered about the interwebs.

Here’s a post about two of those geeks, who are both kicking amazing goals in their lives and helping others to do the same and they are using some fundamentally nerdy tools and systems to do so.

I consider both a Super Geek Blogger and I think you might find their work interesting.

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Review: Axis of Deceit

It’s been a good month for my goalkeeping and I am enjoying, more and more, the satisfied feeling that comes with knowing I am finishing what I have started.

I’ve had a particularly good (or rather lucky) month with my reading goal. I say lucky as I feel like I’m picking winners from my ‘to-read’ pile (a pile I’m barely keeping under control) and as I think winners are worth celebrating, here is the first of some mini-reviews which may convince you to track copies of your own, starting with Andrew Wilkie’s Axis of Deceit.

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A 5-star review: The Family Law

I’m now 6 books into my 52 book challenge for the year. Yes. I know. I’m drastically behind and I need to improve my batting average quickly if I am to meet this goal by the end of 2011.

What will help me on the way is if I can sustain the tremendous luck I’ve had so far with my title selection. I’ve read some fantastic books and I am enjoying reviewing them as I go. Today’s review is special as I am awarding my first 5-star endorsement to a book I want you all to read… Benjamin Law’s truly delightful The Family Law.

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When Harry met Sally and distracted Mark

I know it’s only April. I know I am falling behind in my goalkeeping efforts for 2011. I know I’m easily distracted and that the whole point of keeping a blog about my current goals is to keep myself focused.

Is it bad that I’m already thinking about what my 2012 goals might be? Is it worse that I’m dedicating brain space to plotting how I’ll conquer new challenges later rather than kicking goals I’ve already set for the here and now?

I think we all know the answers to these questions. All the same. Humour me a little?

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Review: Shaun Miccalef’s Preincarnate

I’ve finished book number three in my fifty-two book 2011 reading challenge and I’m pleased to report I’m still on track.

Here’s my mini-review of Shaun Micallef’s début novella, Preincarnate.

For those who are unfamiliar with the author, the dust jacket of this 222 pager describes Micallef as ‘Australia’s preeminent comic Renaissance man’ and that’s not, in my opinion, too grandiose.

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Why start a goals blog?

It’s not often I have what Oprah would call an “Aha Moment.” Here’s the story of the time I did, which led to my decision to start this blog.

I had this moment on Blackmans Bay beach on January 2nd, 2011. I can see exactly when it happened as I tweeted about it right then and there.

It happened after a  5.01km run.  I know it was 5.01km and not, say, 5km’s even, as I was tracking that run with an iPhone App.

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